Bare belly tickling

A round shield was at his shoulder, and in his hand he bore the lance of charmed virtue. The caparison of his Arabian steed was richly embroidered and swept the ground, and the proud animal pranced and snuffed the air, and neighed bare belly tickling joy at once more beholding the array of arms. The lofty and graceful demeanor of the prince struck every eye, and when his appellation was announced, the Pilgrim of Love, a universal bare belly tickling and agitation prevailed among the fair dames in the galleries. When Ahmed presented himself at the lists, however, they were closed against him none but princes, he was told, were admitted to the bare belly tickling. He declared his name and rank. Still worse!-he was a Moslem, and could not engage in a tourney where the hand of a Christian princess was the prize. The rival princes surrounded him with haughty and menacing aspects; and one of insolent demeanor and herculean frame sneered at his light and youthful form, and scoffed at his amorous appellation. The ire of the prince was roused.
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